In Camden we have a richness of expertise, knowledge and experience working with older people. 

We are using a ‘test and learn’ approach. This gives us the flexibility to try out a range of approaches, sharing when things have gone well and when things haven’t gone as intended, so that others can learn from our experiences. We are contributing to an evidence-base to influence future service development. We are keen to share what we are learning so that we can all tackle loneliness and social isolation together. 

If you would like to learn more about anything we have shared here, please do contact us.

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ouR ImPact so far

Ageing Better in Camden has come a long way in the last four years. The delivery partnership has grown from a small circle of six organisations and a handful of local older people to now funding and working together with 30 community organisations reaching 7,000 older people in Camden in order to tackle social isolation and loneliness among older people.

Read about our impact since 2015

outreach with older people

Our Outreach Team meet and engage with thousands of older people, particularly those who may not already be in contact with service and support. We are trialing innovative approaches to finding and meeting older people.

Read about what we’re learning.

popping up in pubs: introducing older men to tech

Older men are often underrepresented within Ageing Better in Camden  groups. That's why we started doing outreach in pubs and betting shops, and eventually hosted an iPad session in a local pub.

Read about what we learnt. 



Our Outreach Team have been trialing methods of speaking with older people in the street and offering them local activities.

Find out what they learnt and their advice for starting conversations with older people. 


bangladeshi womens' swimming sessions

The Bangladeshi Community Action project have a member advisory group who come up with all of their activities. The women wanted to go swimming and it has since become a very popular regular activity!

Find out what they learnt.


street photography around camden

At the Mary Ward Centre we have a 32-student strong digital photography class for older residents. This is run in partnership with North London Cares, a local charity introducing young professionals to their older neighbours. The classes are adapted according to the wishes of participants. They wanted to leave the classroom and go out into the streets to learn about street photography. So we did. This is what we learnt. 

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integrating technology into activities 

At North London Cares we introduce young professionals to their older neighbours through a variety of free social clubs. We wanted to introduce technology into our activities programme as an opportunity to engage interest and give a small insight into the benefits of technology, without it feeling like a lesson. It has been a big success. Find out why. 


community campaigning: fighting for benches in camden

Benches are a place to take a break, enjoy a moment of contemplation or have a catch up. Kilburn Older Voices Exchange (KOVE) share their insight on years of community campaigning, working with the council and local residents to get more benches in the places where older residents need them most. Find out what they've learnt over the years.

Working with pharmacies

When the ABC programme began, we worked with local pharmacies to try and reach the older people ‘no one knows’. Pharmacies seemed like a safe, health focused space that everyone used, so a great place to reach out to people and offer support. This report explains what we learned from this work and how we decided to take the work forward. Read the pharmacy report.


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