We are working together to tackle social isolation and loneliness among older people.

According to national studies 33% of older people sometimes feel lonely. Camden has 33,000 older people. That's 11,000 older people facing loneliness in our community. By getting involved with Ageing Better in Camden older people will be reconnected to local networks, strengthening their communities and improving their wellbeing.

We identify socially isolated older people.

  • Our Outreach Team identify and support socially isolated older people

  • Community Connectors link them with services, support and activities in the local area.

  • Our innovative app RecommendMe gives tailored recommendations to older people on the services and activities available in their local area

We draw on existing skills & resources in the local area.

  • Working with local partners we help older people get reconnected to local networks. Their involvement will strengthen their communities and improve their wellbeing.

We share and learn from each other.

  • Working with local people, charities, businesses, public sector services and voluntary groups, the Ageing Better partnerships are exploring creative ways for older people to be actively involved in their local communities, helping to combat social isolation and loneliness.

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