Community Activity Programme Invitation to Tender

ABC has identified a need for an increased number of supportive activities for older people over 60 across Camden. We are therefore commissioning a programme of organisations to deliver ‘Gold Standard’ Community Activities to enable older people to attend supportive and well run activities in their local community. The aim is to help older people reduce their social isolation and loneliness, as well as make connections and build networks.    The deadline for applying is Wednesday 4th July 2018

We are holding two information sessions on this funding opportunity -  24th May at 12 – 1pm and 8th June 11am -12pm.  Please register your interest at  specifying which information session you would like to attend.  

Questions asked at the information session on 24th May can be found here

The documents below form the Invitation to Tender (ITT) for the Community Activity Programme ;

 Appendix 1 - Big Lottery Fun Filling Lives Ageing Better Programme Information

Appendix 2 - Ageing Better in Camden example monitoring form

Appendix 3 - Ageing Better in Camden Provider pro-forma SLA

Appendix 4 - Community Activity Appraisal Criteria

Community Activity Programme Application Form

Community Activity Programme Guidance

Funds of £20,000 over 2 years are available to organisations who are able to provide a range of activities specifically for older people. 


Ageing Better in Camden and Age UK Camden launch revamped Camden Community Connectors programme

Meet new people and get out and about - How does the service work?

Camden’s Community Connectors help you to connect with your community in a way that suits you.  This could include:

Connecting you to activities you would like to try in Camden;

-       Meeting to discuss your interests and finding activities or events that you might enjoy.

-       Helping you to get there

-       Going with you initially to see if it works for you

Supporting you to help others connect with activities in Camden

-       Chatting with people and making them feel welcome at activities

-       Welcoming you into our family of services and supporting you to share this with others

Camden Community Connectors is a free, informal and friendly service for any Camden resident aged 60 and above

To find out more about the Camden Community Connectors service please give us a call on: 0800 161 5716

You’ll speak with a member of the team who will arrange with you a time to meet to have a chat about what you would like to do and how we can support you.

Or email us at one of our team members will be in touch!