Camden Intergenerational Week: The Conversation

By Billy, Tasnim, Iman and Avesha Year 8, Haverstock School Journalism Project

“I would now like to introduce our Mini Conversationalists; Iman; Billy; Avesha and Tasnim!”

Hundreds of eyes look at us; it felt like we were little caterpillars about to be wrenched out of our cocoons!

This was a new experience because as young Journalists we are usually very confident and have been trained to conduct interviews and write articles with everyone from top scientists to a magician who pulled string out of our ears! Yet we felt momentarily, very shy and self-conscious.

Whoosh! We flew into action, clutching our lists of conversation themes (we did them on the 168 Bus) separated and scared, we sat at the tables with people, whom we had never met before. After a moment of two of silence the conversations began. To our surprise we felt really comfortable and we talked about everything from transport, being lost, pets, accomplishments and hopes and dreams.

When we first heard the word ‘intergenerational’ it brought up an image in our minds of two sides having to be brought together, the young and the old, everyone was astonished because we found so many things in common. In our eyes we felt there was no barrier to see. Talking, getting to know each other, and laughing took away our feeling of ‘us and them.’ A lovely man said:

“We aren’t all that bad are we?”

We agreed but lots of senior people don’t like young people as well as youngsters. The conversations got rid of the stereotypes on both sides.

We would like to thank Camden Intergenerational Week for inviting us to their lovely Launch, to preview our future project, The Conversation Book with Thanet Youth and Community Centre, and all the people who participated and made it so special.

Long Live Intergenerational Week and The Conversation!