Meet members of our Older People’s Advisory Group (OPAG)

Our Older People’s Advisory Group meet monthly to help shape the Ageing Better in Camden partnership. Meetings are open to all older people in the borough. Every month they discuss topics relating to older people and meet with decision makers to give their views on things happening across the borough from transport to counselling. Meet some of our members! Click here to find out more and get involved.

We have just completed a report exploring the value of our Older People’s Advisory Group. Read the full report here.



"I do a bit of good". Basil talks about the support he got from Age UK Camden, and how he got involved with OPAG to find out how he can support older people in the community.



"Even though your days could be filled with sadness, you have to find a way to go on, to go out and do things.” For Stan, OPAG is a way of staying connected with what’s happening in the area.



"A lot of sensible things come out of those discussions". Barbara tells us why bringing together different generations of ‘older people’ at OPAG is essential.



“To me it’s like a stew, it all comes together and it makes something very nice". Many older people come to OPAG representing various groups around Camden. Phyllis talks about the importance of sharing information and views across these groups.


elizabeth ann

"By being consulted on things, I feel, even though I’m not working anymore I’m not useless". Many organisations, including Camden Council, come to consult with OPAG on their views on various issues, plans and programmes. Elizabeth Ann talks about her views being valued.

shahana and elizabeth ann british museum.jpeg


“What I wanted is, I should be active, to participate. I also want to help other people.” After joining OPAG and Vocus, Shahana has become very involved in local consultations, cultural events and volunteering in Camden.



"Without this group, we won’t have a way of being inclusive, of getting together". Costas discusses loneliness, re-connection, and why OPAG is an essential part of bringing older people in our borough together.



"Some people are quite alone, and this is the only platform they have to get their voice heard". Frances talks about the importance of OPAG as a platform for everyone to have their voice heard.