"Without this group, we won’t have a way of being inclusive, of getting together"

Costas, 78

Costas contributes a lot of time to supporting other people, including young people with autism and bipolar, unemployed young people and offenders, and Age UK Camden’s Dementia Befriending team. He speaks Greek, Arabic, French, English, German and some Polish and Italian and has used his skills to support destitute asylum seekers. Since he was younger, he has been a carer for his sons, and is on the board of Camden Carers.


 “Joining a group like OPAG is the best way for people my age to get together.  It helps me to reconnect with people I know within the community.  My advice to people my age is to join our group and to enjoy an informative meeting over a cup of tea or coffee with friends and like-minded people.

Without this group, we won’t have a way of being inclusive, of getting together, and this is one of the biggest problems we face now, being lonely.

I believe that elderly people with their accumulated knowledge can contribute and make a difference and improve the life of other elderly people by helping them cope with loneliness, depression. And by joining a group like Ageing Better in Camden, it’s a great opportunity to share this accumulated knowledge and experience, to make friends, and become better informed.

People read books and learn a lot and they take it to their graves. And nobody benefits from it. It’s about time people join groups like ABC and can share and contribute, and this is the beauty of it. So I would like to say to people that they are most welcome to have tea and coffee with us, and to exchange ideas and share their experience with us.”