“To me it’s like a stew, it all comes together and it makes something very nice"

Phyllis Young

Phyllis spends as much time singing as speaking. Phyllis has always been creative, drawing, singing and travelling. She’s was born and raised in North London, and has lived in Camden since the 1950s. During the war when her family were evacuated to Scotland, Phyllis stayed as a teenager in London and kept on at school. She’s travelled the world with various choirs, including singing in Romania just after the fall of communism and in New York on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11. She has taken a boat to Russia and explored from Hong Kong to Bali.

She’s very involved with Kilburn Older Voices exchange and helped create a book of bench-to-bench walks, and made films about the local area, and campaigned to get more benches, toilets and improved crossings in the area.

For Phyllis, OPAG is a beautiful stew, a mix of different people and groups all coming together to share information and learn from one another.

“To me it’s like a stew… here’s carrots, here’s onions, so that’s how I sort of see it… but it all comes together and it makes something very nice.

She explains why the group is important for her and for KOVE. “Well, I think it’s spreading the word, because it’s a mixed bunch, and we’re from all different groups so we’re all passing information on, which is useful, and all expressing a range of opinions. That’s how talking shops work, and we get things done.”