"I do a bit of good"

Basil Keens-Douglas, 75

Basil came to the UK from Grenada and worked for British Telecoms (BT) for many years. Basil is a guitarist and played in bands across London, and toured around the country. He has a massive record collection.


“I lived on the ground floor and someone rung the buzzer and said, can you let me in? He had come to see someone in the building. Then he knocked on my door. His name was Chris. So Chris came and he listened to my story, and he pointed me in the direction of Tavis House. I came down.

They listened to me.

I was introduced to some people who came and visited me. They helped me with my housing. I started to attend the IT class then joined Ageing Better.

I was concerned about… there’s a lot of people who have no one. I know how it feels. You can imagine, some people alone in the house. I have met new friends in the coffee morning, and have started to visit them. I do a bit of good for them. All of that drew me to Ageing Better in Camden. You hear about suicide rates and all that. I want to help other people.

If I hadn’t answered the doorbell that evening I wouldn’t have known of Age UK.

I no longer take life for granted.”