"A lot of sensible things come out of those discussions"

Barbara was a Councillor in Camden for many years, and was elected Mayor of Camden three times running. She is a Justice of the Peace, and served on the Children’s Panel in neighbouring boroughs while working first for the Post Office and then for British Telecoms as a telephonist and union officer.


“Well, I was a trustee at Age UK Camden when they were going for the Big Lottery money. Now, in the group, there is a good mixture of people from the community in Camden, I feel.

I find these meetings extremely interesting and there are many offshoots that come from them which I have also found very interesting. One of these was going to visit older people from other boroughs to discuss transport issues. That was after Transport for London came to speak at one of our meetings. I would like to do more of that, particularly meeting older people from other London boroughs and hearing about the issues they face. A lot of sensible things come out of those discussions.

There are older-older people and younger-older people in the group, that’s an interesting aspect of the group and I will often think – how can we work with that? There are people of my son’s generation and we probably have different experiences and views.

I would like to see these meetings go on.”