Older Camden residents respond to consultation on Adult Social Care

Last week older Camden residents responded to the Local Government Association Green Paper on the future of Adult Social Care as part of an Ageing Better in Camden focus group.

The Local Government Association want to build momentum for a debate across the country about how to fund the care we want to see in all our communities for adults of all ages and how our wider care and health system can be better geared towards supporting and improving people’s wellbeing.

Camden group members shared their personal experiences of being service users, carers, volunteers and professionals within Adult Social Care. The group provided very valuable views for the Local Government Association consultation.


We at Ageing Better in Camden get sent many invitations for older people to have their say in local consultations or focus groups, and we believe it is essential that older people have their voices heard on issues that affect them.

That’s why the Camden Older People’s Advisory Group created Vocus, Voices of Camden’s Older Residents.

Anyone aged over 60 living in Camden is welcome to join. Many of the consultations are one-off, two hour discussions with little commitment required. There are a lot of interesting opportunities but there is no obligation – if you sign up you choose the ones that interest you! We will simply add your name to a mailing list and you can choose the opportunities that you would like to get involved in.

For more information about Vocus, or to join contact us by phone on 020 7239 0400 or by email on ageingbetterincamden@ageukcamden.org.uk.