Tender for Men's Work: your questions answered

We have gathered your questions on the tender for men's work and share them here for others who may have similar questions. The deadline for applications is 9am, 14th August 2018. If you have any questions that are no answered here, please contact us.

For information, take a look at this presentation about offering activities for older men.

* Please note that we are having difficulty receiving large emails.  If you submit a bid, please submit your application in one email and then your supporting documents in another. We will send acknowledging emails on receiving all bids.  If you don’t receive one, please get in touch as soon as possible. *

Questions and Answers

Question 1: "The model proposed in the guidance suggests that activities should be set up after consultation with men.  Instead could the activities be built from previous learning working with men together with the organisation’s needs?"

Answer: The model needs to be  informed by the views of older men, this could be from previous learning.

Question 2 "Can we apply for this funding even though we already hold ABC contract?"

Answer: Yes, however, you cannot double count people from your other ABC contract.

Question 3: "Can I write more than the space available in the boxes?"

Answer: Yes, the boxes are expandable. But do look at the scoring for each question (on the appraisal criteria) as that indicates how important a question is.  Also, bear in mind that a succinct answer can be the best answer.  

Question 4: "What is the limit on spending on staff costs?"

Answer: You can use all the funding for staff costs, but your budget would need to detail where other costs e.g. for refreshments, would come from.

Question 5: "Where would you put management costs?  What should we include under staff costs?"

Answer: Please include session staff, tutor costs or co-ordinator costs under staff costs. Please include management or core costs in overhead costs and name them.  Also remember to cost in admin time for data entry.

Question 6: "Does the target for people stipulate number of attendances?"

The target for people is based on a man registering. There is no target for number of attendances. We expect people to continue with activities however, and will work with the providers during the monitoring to encourage this.

Question 7: "Our men have expressed an interest in going to race courses and breweries.  Could the funding pay for this?"

Answer: Yes – but we wouldn’t expect the funding to pay for betting or beer, and would have to be part of a plan for regular engagement, rather than just a one off jolly.  If you have specific questions about trips and visits please get in touch.

Question 8: "Can the funding pay for equipment?"

Answer: There is no capital money attached to this funding. However, for smaller items such as saucepans there is no need to capitalise the items so they can still be bought.

Question 9: "Can we receive some of the money before 1st October?"

No, but you can profile your activity. So, if you think you won't be able to recruit and begin the activity in the first quarter, your activity schedule (agreed during the mobilisation period) will reflect this.

Question 10: "How does it work if there is more than one bidder in an area?"

Answer: There is a question on the application form about which area you will serve. If there is another applicant in the same area your bids will be in competition. If you are the only applicant in an area then you will have no competition, but your bid will still need to be competent.

Question 11:  "If your organisation already holds an ABC contract, do all the  men registering have to be new?"

Answer: You cannot count people that your organisation has already counted towards your ABC targets.  If you are working with men funded by other funders they can still count. You cannot double count ABC registered participants.

Question 12: "What do you mean by assisted transport?"

Answer: Taxicard, Plus bus, dial-a-ride. We would expect the organisation to complete forms with people if they couldn’t complete them independently or to refer them to an advice organisation to help.  We do expect people to be helped to book a taxi or wait for one if necessary.

Question 13: "How much admin time is needed to administer the data inputting?"

Answer: About half an hour per registration form.

Question 12: "I do not think we have the capacity or the pre-existing contacts in Camden to make a successful bid for one of these commissions. Nevertheless, we have had a lot of experience delivering dance for older men here in Tower Hamlets, in a programme called ‘Older Men Moving’ including long term projects with groups of Somali and Bengali men. If a potential tenderer is seeking to involve dance in its programme, but doesn’t have the capacity to hand, we would certainly be interested in providing that element within a programme. Please contact Fergus Early on fergus@greencandledance.com."

Answer: None

Question 15: "Can you provide a schedule for meetings?"


Mobilisation Meeting before 1st October.

Monitoring and Evaluation Schedule (Men’s Activities Programme)

1.    Demographic Data

Demographic data needs to be collected from all participants and input onto Charity Log database every month from 1st October  2018.  

2.    Monitoring Submissions and Meetings

•    Financial monitoring will be submitted every quarter to release payment.
•    Monitoring meetings will be held every 6 months. The monitoring report template will need to be completed before/at these monitoring meetings. 
•    Participant data will be submitted 14 days after the end of the six month period and this will inform the monitoring meetings

3.    Local Evaluation
There is a range of evaluation activities that delivery agencies will be required to participate in.  These include: 

•    Delivery agencies will be required to provide 1 case study every 6 months at their monitoring meetings.
•    Delivery agencies will be required to support the local evaluation team to carry out focus groups and in depth interviews with participants as required (likely to be annual)

4.    Test and Learn template
•    As this is a test and learn programme, when significant test and learn has happened within a project we want to capture it. Supported by ABC you will complete 1 template per year. 
•    Occasional visits will take place by ABC team regarding monitoring the ‘gold standard’ aspect of the activities and to ensure learning is shared between the providers.

5.    Participants’ Satisfaction Feedback Plan
Delivery agencies will be required to agree a participants’ satisfaction feedback plan before 1st October 2018 and report on it annually ie by 30th September 2019 and 30th September March 2020

6.    Risk Analysis
Delivery agencies will be required to agree a risk analysis before 1st October 2018 and report on it annually.