Workshop on delivering informal and embedded digital support

The Centre for Ageing Better, in partnership with One Digital, would like to invite you to join a workshop bringing together practitioners delivering informal and embedded digital support to explore best practice. This is an opportunity to look at what is working, what the challenges are, and find out more about what other practitioners are doing.

The London workshop is taking place on the 5th of December from 11.15am – 3.30pm in Angel.

The workshop will be looking at how support to use computers and the internet can be embedded within other support and community services. Key to this is a desire to help people to build the confidence and skills to get online, outside of formal digital support. This could cover a wide range of things such as:

  • helping someone to look online for a recipe as part of a cooking course, so they learn to use the internet on their own

  • supporting someone to book an appointment with their GP online, so they are better able to self-manage their health online in the future

  • showing someone how to fill in their benefits application online, so they are able to do this again on their own

  • guiding someone through online shopping or banking, so they are able to be more independent by using the internet

From the workshops, the Centre for Ageing Better will be developing an online resource to support practitioners to embed digital skills into their delivery.

In the workshops we will be looking at what is working well across all ages, and how these models of best practice can be used to support older people develop their digital skills

The workshops will:

  • help to gain a joint understanding of what informal and embedded digital support is

  • be an opportunity to find out more about how it is being delivered across a range of organisations

  • offer a chance to share examples of good practice and learning from the challenges of delivery

  • explore how informal and embedded digital practice can be used to support older people inform a resource to support best practice in delivery.

Contact Kristina Leonnet, Senior Programme Manager, Centre for Ageing Better

+44 020 3829 0113