Free counselling for older Camden residents

by Maria Alicia Vicencio-Silva, Age UK Camden Counselling, Psychotherapy & Group Therapy Services Manager

The terms “counselling”, “psychotherapy” or “talking therapy” all describe a process through which a therapist helps a person to think about those difficult emotions and feelings that sometimes life stirs up in us and we are not sure how to deal with them as they just seem to refuse to go away.

The process usually consists in a series of regular weekly individual or group meetings. Ideally, private therapists should be registered or accredited with a main national organisation like BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) to ensure adequate standards of care.

The Counselling Services at Age UK Camden are part of the IAPT’s Camden Psychological Therapies Partnership providing free and confidential, time-limited, individual and group psychotherapy to adults 55 and over and registered with a Camden GP, who can self-refer or be referred by their GP or other professional.

The services are open to people of all ethnic and cultural groups and those who identify as LGBT+. Home visits can be arranged. Counselling is also offered to people living with dementia in the early stages or with memory issues.

Our therapists are familiar with the upheaval that life transitions, which are likely to happen to people 55 and over, can cause to our emotions and feelings, like changes in work and family situations, health issues, etc. We are an organisational member of BACP and adhere to their Ethical Framework and Good Practice guidelines.

Any questions, please contact us (in messages please include your name and phone number):

Phone: 020 7239 0400