Taking action on HS2

Our partners the Third Age Project have a local campaigning group working on issues that arise from the development of the High Speed 2 railway line (HS2).

Older people in the borough are very concerned about the years of disruption from the utility works and demolitions which have already started, and from redevelopment of the sites that have been cleared.

They said “We wouldn’t get back all the trees, green spaces and buildings we’ve lost – although we might be able to use at least some of these sites for the benefit of residents.”

They are also concerned about the demolition of local green spaces, dust escaping from the site and the increased risk of dementia with the increase in pollution due to the development.

Local residents were shocked when they learnt about the proposed lorry route for removing spoil from the Granby Terrace/Regents Park Estate demolition site. This involves taking up to 70 lorries a day along Harrington Street and Varndell Street for 16 months.

Read the full newsletter here.

How can I get involved?

  • Contact Ursula Brown at the Third Age Project to join the campaigning group or for more information. She can be reached on 0207 383 4922.

  • Get more information on HS2 here or contact them on their Freephone Helpline number 08081 434 434 with questions or complaints. Their HS2 information centre is currently at the former National Temperance Hospital in Hampstead Road.

  • Get more information at www.camden.gov.uk, and sign up to receive newsletters by email.

  • Go on the website of CHARGE (an umbrella group of local community organisations working to promote the interests of residents affected by HS2) https://www.chargegroup.org.